The season of a woman's life during pregnancy and birth is a time of profound growth and nurturing as she carries a new life within her. Throughout this transformative phase and experience, her body undergoes remarkable changes to support her developing baby. Her emotions may also fluctuate as she prepares for motherhood. It is a period of anticipation, wonder, and the deep connection between a mother and her unborn child.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches pregnancy and birth with great care and focuses on maintaining the balance of "Qi", addressing any imbalances or discomforts and common pregnancy-related issues that may arise to ensure a smooth and healthy gestation period. It nurtures a mother through every month of her pregnancy by looking after a specific organ at that time.

Significant importance is also placed on supporting the mother during birth, emphasising the need for a smooth labour and delivery experience. Techniques such as acupressure, acupuncture and herbal medicine may be utilised to assist with pain management and promote relaxation to help maintain the overall well-being of the mother and baby. 

Throughout this season nourish & nurture with...

  • Choc-Chip Comfort Cookies

    Curb sweet cravings with bonus of nourishing the spleen and yin.

  • Chocolate Goodness Mix

    Any chocolate snack or beverage made with this mix makes a great labour snacks for good source of fibre.

  • Golden Goodness Mix

    Avoiding cafine? A warming mug of this is a perfect, and nourishing, coffee replacement.

  • Herbal Floral Sitz

    Bathe, relax and unwind in this aromatic blend as you cradle your bumb and dream of the day they're earth-side.

  • Moxa Wand

    When held over specific acupuncture points on the body it has the potential to stimulate contractions and help induce labor.

  • Shen Calming Chocolate mix

    Prefect for pregnancy insomnia and anxiety. Best enjoyed at night before bed.

  • Sweet Herbal Congee

    Tonify “Qi”, nourish “Yin”, harmonise the digestive system, and promote gentle and soothing energy.

  • Traditional Herbal Tea

    Support hydration levels and prepare the body for labour.

  • Vegetable Herbal Congee

    Supports immunity during a time when this can be lacking, as well as overall health.

  • Womb Oil

    The sweetest belly and all-over body oil for growing bellies and skin stretched during pregnancy.

  • Yin Nourishing Soup Blend

    Nourishes yin, blood and also good source of protein.

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