"Nourishment is the vital essence that fuels our bodies and souls, providing the strength and resilience to embrace life's challenges and savor its most beautiful moments."

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The Golden Mother

Golden Goodness Mix 270g

Golden Goodness Mix 270g

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  • Organic
  • Plant-based
  • Natural

Enrich your meals, snacks and beverages of choice with this nourishing anti-inflammatory blend of Chinese herbs and spices. Made to warm the body and soul by regulating circulation, cleansing the liver, moving “Qi” and supporting the reproductive and digestive systems.  

Made to help alleviate the nausea and discomfort a woman may experience at various stages throughout her lifetime - especially from menarche to menopause, and motherhood. It is also liquid gold for liquid gold, as it can support breast milk production in mothers who choose to breastfeed.

Turmeric, known as “Jiang Huang” in Traditional Chinese Medicine, gives this mix it’s rich golden colour. In TCM gold is associated with energy, vitality and prosperity, and the balance of “Yin & Yang”. Bonus: kids enjoy too!


Turmeric^*, Ginger^*, Cinnamon^*, Cardamom Powder^*.

^Organic Ingredients
*Certified & TGA Approved Herbs

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  • Turmeric "Jiang Huang"

    Moves the blood, regulates circulation, supports digestion, warms, moves "Qi" alleviates pain, and supports menstruation.

  • Ginger "Sheng Jiang"

    Warm in nature, activates digesiton, disperses cold, stops vomiting/nausea, warms the middle

  • Cinnamon "Rou Gui"

    Very internally warming, supports kidneys, spleen, heart and liver, tonifies yang, removes cold, encourages Qi and blood production

  • Dried Cadamom "Yi Zhi Ren"

    Very warming, tonifies the kidneys and essence (jing), warms the spleen and supports digestion.