Often the longest season of a woman's life. Motherhood is an endless journey of love, strength and boundless growth. Throughout this season she exudes remarkable strength and resilience through her ability to experience other seasons in tandem with this permanent phase.

Once a mother, always a mother. She requires constant courage to overcome challenges, discovers the depths of her nurturing spirit, and experiences the true essence of unconditional love. Through the highs and lows this season can unveil the incredible power and beauty of a mother's heart - leaving an enduring legacy of love and inspiration for future generations.

Evidence shows when mothers and women thrive, so do their families and their communities at large. To thrive women need to be as healthy and supported as possible. However, in our modern world, women and mothers are becoming more and more depleted and isolated. Maintaining hormonal balance throughout the years of motherhood is crucial for maintaining a woman's health as it influences various bodily functions, emotions and reproductive well-being. TCM can support this fundamental hormonal balance through ancient practices and herbal remedies.

From maiden to mother, motherhood is to surrender.

Throughout this season nourish & nurture with...

  • Castor Oil

    Use for its skin and hair nourishing properties for general all-over or scalp massage for relaxation.

  • Choc-Chip Comfort Cookies

    Ideal for busy mums on-the-go. Provides fundamental antioxidants, B vitamins, magnesium or “Mum-nesium”, fibre and protein to support a woman’s health.

  • Chocolate Goodness Mix

    Crafted with mothers and their village in mind. Use this delectable mixture to create a variety of delicious and nutrient-packed snacks to satisfy cravings while providing valuable health benefits.

  • Golden Goodness Mix

    Turmeric, known as “Jiang Huang” in Traditional Chinese Medicine, gives this mix it’s rich golden colour. In TCM gold is associated with energy, vitality and prosperity, and the balance of “Yin & Yang”. Bonus: kids enjoy too!

  • Herbal Floral Sitz

    Crafted to help restore comfort and well-being to a woman’s reproductive system. Bathe in this aromatherapy goodness. Relax and unwind from the chaos.

  • Shen Calming Chocolate mix

    Sip and fade away any anxious feelings and invite you to a restful night's sleep. With its earthy yet subtly sweet flavour. The perfect grounding beverage to savour before bedtime or whenever the comfort of a warm hug-in-a-mug is in need.

  • Sweet Herbal Congee

    Start your busy day right with the benefits of five Chinese herbs vital for supporting a woman's health. It’s warming, filling and tastes like a treat!

  • Traditional Herbal Tea

    Delight in the knowledge that each herb holds unique properties to restore Yin, invigorate blood, and replenish vital Qi energy, supporting you during menstruation.

  • Vegetable Herbal Congee

    This recipe is renowned amongst our community of mothers, not only for its warm embrace during their post-birth journey, but because their children love it too!

  • Womb Oil

    Promotes feminine energy, soothe muscles, relieve menstrual discomfort and nourishes skin.

  • Yin Nourishing Soup Blend

    Blood deficiency is common in women, especially during menstruation. Unlock inner radiance, embrace harmony and foster wellness when enjoyed as a soup or within meals & snacks.

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