"Nourishment is the vital essence that fuels our bodies and souls, providing the strength and resilience to embrace life's challenges and savor its most beautiful moments."

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The Golden Mother

Choc-Chip Comfort Cookies 280g

Choc-Chip Comfort Cookies 280g

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Find comfort in these nutritious cookies when you need it most.

Ideal for busy mums on-the-go, for curbing period, pregnancy or sweet cravings, or for supporting a breastfeeding mother’s milk supply. Made with natural ingredients to provide fundamental antioxidants, B vitamins, magnesium or “Mum-nesium”, fibre and protein to support a woman’s health. Benefit from all this together with the “feel good” compounds of chocolate and restorative “Fu Shen” to bring you solace.

Continue baking memories each time you pop a batch into the oven. Baked just in time for cozy couch days and to share with your people. Best enjoyed with our Shen Calming Chocolate Mylk or Golden Goodness Mylk. 


Gluten Free Flour, Rolled Oats, Raw Sugar, Gou Qi Zi (Goji Berries)*, Vegan Chocolate Chips, Flaxmeal, Cinnamon^, Fu Shen*, Bi-Carb Soda.

^Organic Ingredients
*Certified & TGA Approved Herbs

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  • Cocoa

    A rich source of antioxidants, which can contribute to improved heart health and cognitive function. Studies suggest eating between 40–120g of dark chocolate daily during your period may help reduce pain due to its being rich in magnesium, which can relax muscles and ease aches.

  • "Fu Shen"

    A traditional Chinese herb used to restore "Shen" and calm the heart. It can also supporting the immune system, promote healthy sleep and aid digestive health.

  • Flaxseed

    rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and lignans, which are believed to offer potential health benefits, including improved heart health, digestive function, and reduced inflammation.

  • Brewers Yeast

    a nutritional supplement that is a good source of B-vitamins, protein, and minerals, which may offer potential health benefits, including improved energy levels, skin health, and support for the immune system.