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The Golden Mother

Golden Pregnancy + Birth Course

Golden Pregnancy + Birth Course

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‘Golden Pregnancy & Birth’ is a short and most importantly, achievable course that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

In your own time and at your own pace, you will learn more about what natural, simple and gentle things you can do to support yourself and your baby during your pregnancy. Using traditional practices and remedies, you will gain insight into some useful tools to help prepare you for birth.

By learning safe and gentle techniques like breathing exercises and stretches, you can feel more comfortable and confident in your pregnant body. And, with TCM tips like self acupressure and Moxa (for pregnancy, labour and birth), you’ll have some tools under your belt to support yourself throughout this time.

Just by investing in yourself with this course, you are taking your prenatal health into your own hands. You are taking charge of your pregnancy and birth by arming yourself with knowledge through education. As we always say, being informed and consenting is a great way to step into motherhood.

Course Overview
Pregnancy support and birth preparation the golden, traditional way

Course Contents

  • Stretches, breathing and meditation for pregnancy
  • Optimal Maternal Positioning
  • Acupressure for pregnancy and labour
  • Preparation for birth with guest midwife 
  • Nutrition for pregnancy with guest nutritionist  
    *BONUS: mediation, access to private Facebook community and discounts on products/bundles to support 


*T&Cs: April Freebie offer valid until 1st May 2024 or until stocks last*

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