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The Golden Mother

Pregnancy & Birth Self-Care Mini Bundle

Pregnancy & Birth Self-Care Mini Bundle

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A nurturing bundle to honour the blossoming body with traditional self-care products. This carefully curated bundle can be used safely during pregnancy.


  • Womb Oil 
  • Moxa Wands
  • Herbal Floral Sitz 

During pregnancy, think moxa for growing pains and pregnancy discomfort, sitz for relaxing baths and womb oil to nourish your beautiful expanding skin.

For your postpartum, moxa is used to 'warm the mother' and honour the womb where baby once was. Herbal sitz makes the perfect perineal healing BFF and womb oil brings love and healing to your belly and helps your uterus to come back to itself.
These self-care practices help you heal and also support hormones and future fertility and longevity. 


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