"Self-care techniques are the gentle whispers of self-love, guiding us to nurture our minds, bodies, and souls, empowering us to radiate our brightest light and embrace life's journey with renewed strength and compassion."

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The Golden Mother

Castor Oil 250ml

Castor Oil 250ml

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  • Organic
  • Plant-based
  • Natural

Introducing our Organic, cold pressed, extraordinary hexane-free Castor Oil enriched with the warmth of ginger and infused with the self-love energy of rose quartz.

Experience the captivating essence of this oil to spark feminine energy while enjoying the body warming, skin nourishing and detoxifying benefits. This powerful elixir helps to soften masses, reduce scarring and support digestion. Feel a radiant glow and an undeniable sense of self-care.

Hexane-free means it remains this beautiful golden colour, and not clear like some oils, which use hexane during the extraction process and can leave harmful traces that are easily absorbed by the skin. Stored in glass bottle to ensure minimal oxidation and no leeching from plastic.


Castor Oil^, Ginger "Sheng Jiang"*, Rose Quartz.

^Organic Ingredients
*Certified & TGA Approved Herbs

Self-care Treatments

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  • Ginger "Sheng Jiang"

    This essential oil is super warming and releasing. It disperses cold and encourages blood flow when applied topically.

  • Rose "Mei Gui Hua"

    Connects the womb and the heart, relieves pain, regulate "Qi", release stagnation and relieve pain. This herb is useful in treating gynaecological issues such as PMS, menstrual cramps, irregular menstruation, menopause and acute mastitis.

  • Rose Quartz "méiguī shí"

    Contains self-love energy and possess calming and harmonising properties, promoting emotional healing, love, and compassion while soothing the heart and mind.