Nourishing beyond the postpartum period

Nourishing beyond the postpartum period

As postpartum caregivers, and women who have lived the benefits of honouring the postpartum stage, we are obsessed with creating a sacred golden month for new mothers – one that helps you to feel rested, nourished, important, and cared for. But maternal healthcare doesn’t end when your baby graduates from squishy newborn to tumbling floor gymnast. While immediate postpartum care and nutrition is vital, aiding physical healing and replenishing nutrients lost through pregnancy and childbirth, postpartum is forever.

Though we adore our babies and are honoured to love and raise them, filling the role of modern mother is physically and mentally demanding, no matter the age and stage of our children. We are caregivers, educators, taxi drivers, life admins, cheerleaders, milk makers, cleaners, and chefs, often while holding down paid employment, running businesses, finding time to be a friend, sister, daughter, and partner, and ensuring our homes and our children’s lives run like clockwork.

And while we’re mostly amazing at wearing all of these hats, something has to give. And it’s devastating that often the first thing to go is the amount of attention we devote to our physical and mental wellbeing. Hands up, who’s scoffed down toast and cold coffee between making fresh, organic meals for the kids? Who’s put healthcare and exercise appointments in the too hard/too expensive basket because bubs will scream bloody murder on the drive there and needs a whole new wardrobe in the next size up?

Maternal depletion is real, and it is rife. The term refers to persistent exhaustion, brain fog, loss of self-esteem and negative emotions in motherhood, and is attributed to a combination of factors, like chronic sleep deprivation, inadequate nutrition, and a lack of support. More than 50% of postpartum women are suspected to have nutrient deficiencies that contribute to the condition and, if not addressed, symptoms of maternal depletion can persist for up to ten years (!) postpartum. 

Our golden mamas have been calling out for more support to help them feel their best as women, mothers, and multiple ball jugglers, and we are honoured to now offer a fully customisable meal delivery service to nourish you beyond your golden month. Created at the request of the mothers we continue to feed, 2-3 years postpartum, Remembering to Nourish provides a menu of plant-based, nutrient dense meals, for as little as $10.50 a serve, making it easier for you to receive the energy and nutrition you need and deserve.

While previously you could continue to order structured weekly food packages beyond your golden month, you can now order as many servings as you like of your favourite meals and snacks, and change-up, pause or cancel your deliveries from week to week. You can also set your weekly deliveries to auto-pilot, cutting out the stress of order cut-off times. 

Our delicious meals are made fresh and snap-frozen, to preserve nutrient content, and packed with vegan proteins, whole grains, and fresh, seasonal produce, providing your body with everything it needs to thrive in this busy season of life. You’ll never find any preservatives, colours or flavours hiding in our ingredient lists – just pure, and seriously tasty, real food that you and your body will love.

Benefiting from our Dr Carla’s knowledge as a TCM practitioner, and our Nadia’s experience with Ayurvedic healing, the Remembering to Nourish menu boasts high-quality wholefoods, herbs, and spices, prized in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine for their health benefits, which extend well beyond postpartum. Some of these standout superfoods include:



Also known as the Chinese red date, this TCM wonder tonifies qi (lifeforce energy) and strengthens the stomach and spleen, for healthy blood and digestion. The jujube is rich in antioxidants, iron, and vitamin C, protecting against fatigue and weakness associated with iron-deficiency anaemia. It’s also thought to relieve stress and mental tension.


Black Dates

B vitamins are easily depleted when we’re tired and stressed, and they’re essential for energy production. Black dates are rich in the B family, as well as vitamin C, for immune health. A yang-dominant food, the black date has warming and blood-building properties that nourish and strengthen the body.


Organic GF Oats

Packed with fibre for healthy digestion and stable blood sugar, oats are an ideal source of complex carbs for all the energy your body needs as a busy mum. They’re also a great source of iron and B vitamins. 



Nature’s antibiotic, ginger strengthens the immune system and neutralises toxins in the body, while aiding digestion. The warming nature of ginger is thought to stimulate qi and clear excess cold from the body, which can manifest as frequent illness, fatigue, and poor digestion.


Shan Yao

Also known as Chinese Yam, Shan Yao supports hormone balance and is used in TCM to tonify qi and yin (feminine essence), aid digestion, alleviate PMS and pelvic pain, and regulate the menstrual cycle.


Goji Berries

Renowned for their high antioxidant content, goji berries have long been used in TCM for their ability to nourish the yin and blood of the kidneys and liver, thus maintaining a healthy balance of yin and yang. These little dynamos contain a decent hit of vitamin C and B12, along with essential minerals zinc, calcium, iron, and potassium.


Sesame Oil

This flavourful cooking oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, while delivering an optimal balance of omega fatty acids to support brain and heart health. In TCM, sesame oil is thought to tonify your body’s yin energy, clear excess heat, and eliminate toxins.



Renowned lactation booster, fenugreek is fantastic for women who are breastfeeding long-term or tandem feeding, while also supporting healthy digestion and regulating cholesterol and blood sugar.


Chinese Black Vinegar

Considered a health tonic throughout Asia, many Chinese and Japanese people drink a liquid made from Chinese black vinegar every day. The vinegar is made using unpolished rice and takes 2-3 years to ferment. Rich in probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, Chinese black vinegar detoxifies the body, balances your body’s p, and improves digestion.

We are mothers first, always. But only we can decide that we’re not going to let our wellbeing slide, while giving so much of ourselves to our families. Nourishing ourselves with a variety of wholefoods in their purest form is the key to energy and vitality and feeling able to fully enjoy our lives and our role as mothers. We feel privileged to continue to support you in your motherhood journey and provide you with a fridge full of healthy and delicious meals to rely on.

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